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I received a call from Julie on a Friday to see if I would be interested in photographing her Elopement on the Golden Gate Bridge the next day and I was like yes please! While it was beautiful blue skies out as I waited for them, in true San Francisco fashion the fog rolled in right as we walked out onto the bridge.  Instead of ruining it for them it just added another element to the story of the day.  Enjoy the photos and thank you so much Julie + Philipp for having me capture such an important moment in your lives.


  • Travis Shumate Says:

    So intimate and beautiful. Excellent.

  • Gabe Says:


  • jeff ambrose Says:

    dang joel, that first shot is insaaaane.

  • Josh Tilton Says:

    Damn. All you needed to show was that first frame. Money.

  • lydia {ever ours} Says:

    does it get any better than this?! amazing, gorgeous. beautious.

  • Tyler Branch Says:

    ridiculous. so solid.

  • Allison Suter Says:

    Not only are these images breathtaking, but they make me wish I had had a private elopement… Sigh.

  • fer juaristi Says:

    beautiful set!

  • stacey kinkaid Says:

    amazing. especially love the images in the trees.

  • Zach Hodges Says:

    WOW man, this set is REALLY good!! So interesting through and through.

  • Tim Riddick Says:

    Geez this is awesome

  • jill Says:

    that first shot took my breath away!

  • David Says:

    So, so good. Beautiful set.

  • Ulmer Studios Says:

    Nailed it!!! Love the first image!

  • Jackie Wonders Says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? amazeballs my friend. the woods are reedic.

  • Katie Says:

    DYING over this whole thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of them amidst the redwoods. That needs to be printed on a room size canvas =)

  • shipra Says:

    sooooo special. You get the coolest clients ever! Love this!!

  • matthew morgan Says:

    schnikeys! this is a awesome post. that first shot is amazers

  • Calyx Black Says:

    A-mazing shots…I’m speechless over them. Thank you for sharing — you do incredible work.

  • nirav Says:

    Dang dude. In love with these images my friend!

  • Tye Harris Says:

    I just stumbled upon your work for the first time and WOW, what an amazing shoot! Even though I don’t know the couple, you did a great job in portraying the beautiful and intimacy of the day. Can’t wait to look through the rest of your work!

  • Sonal Says:

    These images are so beautiful and they just come alive. I felt like I was there, experiencing every bit of this couple’s joy. Just an amazing job. It made me so happy to see these images.

  • Mackenzie Says:

    This is what I am trying to do! Do you know who officiated it?

  • Joel Flory Says:

    They hired an officiant from City Hall in SF.

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