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Can you say Rockstars?!?! Kevin and Trisha’s wedding was one for the history books.  From their amazing humor to the most heartfelt performance by Trisha for Kevin, this wedding had it all. Kevin and Trisha’s wedding was a great example of a celebration of God’s Love, Family, Friends, & good times.  Big thanks to Mark Spitz of Since Eighty 6 for laying down the beats to one of the most amazing dance parties ever! Thank you so much Kevin and Trisha for having us shoot your wedding and for reminding us that “All you need is Love! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to hear Kevin’s recap of the day and how they put together this amazing wedding for over 400!  Lastly, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out their engagement pics here and over at Brooklyn Bride. I will be sure to post a link to Trisha’s music once it is online and be sure to check out the company Kevin works for Trade as One which is an amazing company dedicated to changing lives through Fair Trade.


Here is a write up from the Groom describing their wedding:

Our wedding was a ridiculous amount of fun.  Our goal was to have a really good time with the people we love with the right mix of significant and silly…and do it all without spending too much money.  And we wanted to invite a lot of people.  From the beginning, we decided that we wanted our wedding to be intimate, playful, artistic, and centered around our beliefs.  We knew that hosting a wedding for 400ish people was no easy job…especially a backyard wedding.  So rather than obsess over every tiny detail, we focused on a few elements that meant a lot to us and tried to make those moments perfect.  First was the ceremony.  It was simple, beautiful, and a picture of love, family, and faith.  Trisha is a singer-songwriter, so naturally a lot of the most important parts of the wedding revolved around music.  The ceremony included original compositions by the bride, The Beatles, sacred hymns, Radiohead…etc.  Next was the reception. The theme of the wedding was “All you need is love,” so we tried to strip away some of the elements of traditional weddings that didn’t mean much to us, and pay extra attention the parts that screamed “love!”  For us that meant a sing-along first dance, some fall-out-of-your-chair hilarious speeches by our siblings, and a surprise performance by Trisha.  It was a medley of “Yellow,” by Coldplay, and “The Luckiest,” by Ben Folds with simple vocals and piano.  It was absolutely perfect. As far as the dance party goes, we knew that this was our one opportunity to dance with all of the people we love in one place…at the same time.  The dance party was absolutely epic. It was about 150 people crammed into a space meant for about 40. There was crowdsurfing, breakdancing, glow-sticks, and a whole lot of sweating. This is the part of our wedding that people keep talking to us about. We danced in a pit of sorts, so even the non-dancers of the party (grandma) could watch, laugh, and take pictures as we lost our minds to Ratatat, Rihanna, and some amazing mixes our DJ Mark Spitz put together.  So after an hour and a half of intense dancing, the hundred or so brave souls that stuck it out to the end formed a tunnel that ran to my in-laws’ suburban.  All in all, it was a perfect night.  We wouldn’t have changed anything.  And, amazingly, our photographers were able to capture both the beauty and spirit of our huge, backyard wedding.

  • ken kienow Says:

    killed it. love this wedding. :)

  • manus Says:

    huge wedding party.. liked how you did the group shots…

  • finn durkan Says:

    Awesome Joel -don’t know these people but you brought them to life. Great job!

  • Joel Flory Says:

    Finn, great to hear from you bro. Glad you loved the pics. It was such a fun wedding. How are you doing up in Seattle? Still rowing?

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  • hellan chalen Says:

    wedding of the year guys

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