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I had such a blast walking the streets of sf taking Kristen and Alex’s engagement pics and I can’t wait for their wedding this month at San Francisco City Hall and Orson St.  I will be sure to post their wedding pics and for now enjoy these.


  • bethany Says:

    oooh beautiful! do i spy south park? i used to work down there… such a quaint, pretty area :)

  • Joel Flory Says:

    Bethany, you are right, that is South Park in there. Such a great little area of SF.

  • Drew Says:

    Oh my what a stunning amount of gorgeous images. This couple is nothing short of fabulous looking and the session compliments them very well. Nice work!

  • Joel Flory Says:

    Thanks Drew!

  • ellie Says:

    Hey Joel, thanks for the comment - I LOVE your new site by the way! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m not on twitter to answer your question… maybe when my life gets more interesting I’ll think about it :) But I am on Facebook and I think we might already be friends if I remember correctly!

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Kristen + Alex
Published in San Francisco Brides Magazine
Kristen + Alex