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Marcus and Danelle were married on a perfect day in San Francisco back in 2009 and yes I know it is 2010 :) but I just had to blog their wedding. It was great as always to work with Maria Chang of PMA and if you are looking for a hair/make-up stylist for your wedding I highly recommend her.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to read the Groom’s thoughts on the day and read about their favorite moments from this great wedding.


1. Venue(s) , Date and # of Guests - July 11, 2009 in San Francisco. Ceremony at St. John of God Church in Inner Sunset. Reception at Cliff House.  100 guests.

2. What inspired you in planning the wedding? We met and fell in love in San Francisco, so we wanted to celebrate our wedding in the city. The church we got married in was our neighborhood church which is a fantastic small community we felt a strong connection with. We were thrilled to be able to have the reception at the Cliff House, a landmark in San Francisco and also an early first date spot for us which holds a special place in our heart.

3. What were your favorite moments, surprises, traditions from the day? One of our better decisions was to meet and take photos together ahead of the ceremony. The setup of our first encounter was one of the real special moments we had, allowed us an intimate moment to connect as well as calm each other.  Another amazing moment, we were lucky to have a beautiful sunset on the beach, especially in SF in summer. We were thrilled that all our family and friends, many of which was their first trip to San Francisco, were able to enjoy such a beautiful sunset.

4. Dress designer, shoes, Jewelry, Etc. Groom’s suit, Bridesmaids, etc. Dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady. Danelle’s necklace was something old, something new and something blue. The sapphire pendant was her wedding gift from Marcus, a hand crafted necklace (new) using the sapphire from her antique engagement ring (blue and old). Her borrowed was her mother’s purse and her Nina’s wedding coat that she wore at her wedding almost 40 years ago.

Marcus was wearing cuff links that his grandfather wore in his wedding in 1934, and his brother also wore in his wedding in 2002. Plus his lucky silver dollar in his pocket, which he also had on his first date with Danelle.

5. Wedding Planner, Stationer, Floral Designer, Rentals, Music, etc. No wedding planner. Stationary was by Hyegraph in San Francisco. Flowers were by a friend of a friend, Maureen Ticer of Bella Fiore, which were beautiful and a great price. Music was DJ-ed by Terry Cole, the Spinheads, who did a great job and we received numerous compliments. A great thing about having the reception at a restaurant we did not have worry about rentals chairs, tables and everything was included.

6. Menu, Drinks, Dessert, Caterer, Baker, etc. - Cake was by Bala Subrahmanyam, the Cake Maker. The catering was all by the Cliff House restaurant. We had a specialty drink, the Ocean Breeze which was our favorite by the restaurant.

7. DIY elements - The wedding favors were small refrigerator magnets inspired by our collection of museum magnets, we made them from Marcus’ photography he took from around San Francisco and New York, both special cities in our hearts.  Our guest book turned out great, we had a polaroid camera for guests to take photos and sign and put in the book.

8. Favorite Blogs or Magazines used in planning the wedding -  We tried to avoid most typical wedding sites to avoid getting caught up in trying to have a “perfect” wedding and the costs involved in that. We focused on areas that were important to us and let other parts slip away. We probably looked mainly at wedding photography sites for style of other weddings.

9. Advice that you’d give to other Brides? - Danelle hired Maria Chang of PMA, as her personal make-up and hair artist and she was amazing. She gave Danelle the strength and support to be calm, beautiful and be able to enjoy the day!  Such a professional and worth every penny.

10. Anything else… - Our advice would be the typical advice of just relax and enjoy the day. One key way is to work with great people and let me them do their thing. Don’t worry about the small stuff and just have fun.

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