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I was looking through some images from last year and realized that I had never blogged Nancy and Brian’s Wedding, so…here it is! We had such a blast with Nancy and Brian and absolutely love their style and had such a blast shooting their wedding.  The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon was a perfect setting for the wedding and the weather couldn’t have been any better.  Enjoy the images and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to read some word from Nancy about her wedding day.

1. Venue(s) , Date and # of Guests May 9, 2009 // the bridges golf course in san ramon (for both ceremony and reception) // there were 150 guests.

2. What inspired you in planning the wedding? i started planning my wedding while we were still in school, so i was constantly bombarded with amazing designers’ opinions, thoughts, and styles. i think the bulk of my ideas came from my love of fanciful things. originally i had wanted a fall wedding (but not the fall weather), where everything would sort of play into that theme, something very alice in wonderland meets organized graphic designer. and after looking at the end result i definitely think i achieved that. between the heavy patterned table cloths, whimsical center pieces (which my florist came up with all by herself! they were mostly little “natural” objects and not so much a typical floral centerpiece)…but everything worked because it was unified under colors, and was kind of so mis-matched that it…matched. :)

3. What were your favorite moments, surprises, traditions from the day? we chose not to see each other the day of the wedding, and i was surprised how easy it was to fall asleep…i remember thinking i had heard my sister-in-law and a bunch of others talk about how nervous they were the night before their wedding, but i wasn’t. it was so weird. and i was kind of relieved that i wasn’t going to have a sleepless night and wake up with bags under my eyes!!

in the morning, all the girls met me downstairs in the lobby, and i surprised them by having a limo driver tote us around all day in a bad ass chrysler limo. this thing was slick. and huge. it sat like 12 people, and there were only 4 of us.

when the vows started…that was weird. because i had remembered reading them through (the lady had given us a copy to review so we would know the length, general wording, not to memorize, but familiarize ourselves with) and i was saying my parts, fine. and brian had his, sort of. but i was talking more than him…then it was over sort of abruptly. and i was like, i thought i had remembered reading ALOT more, and we hadn’t said some of the traditional “do you’s” which come to find out, brian had talked to the officiant and worked some magic (for the shortest ceremony she offered to begin with) and so she cut out about 60% of his lines.

the most surprising thing from the day, was how many people stood up to give speeches. it was one after another. including the parents, maid of honor, and best man, there were 10 people who talked. definitely did not expect that, but was excited how much of brian’s family (which was the majority of people who stood up) cared about the both of us.

4. Dress designer, shoes, Jewelry, Etc. Groom’s suit, Bridesmaids, etc. my dress wasn’t designer, it was just the one i found the lightest, and the most comfy to be in. but what was awesome, was that all the girls wore flip flops (a staple in my life, and since the shoes were most likely to come off because of uncomfortable feet, and there was grass, heels weren’t a good choice). and all the guys, even our dads, wore chuck taylors!! it was awesome!! and both brian and i were surprised our dads agreed to it. :)

5.  Wedding Planner, Stationer, Floral Designer, Rentals, Music, Videographer, etc. & DIY elements: i planned my own wedding. it wasn’t hard, but i think that’s because i’m really picky, i’m good with color, and i know what i want. everything i chose, i stayed with. which surprised a lot of vendors i think. definitely being a graphic designer (and my maid of honor being one too) helped so much with coordination. i also designed my own invitations. i printed them through an online company called 4×6. i stamped each of the seating tags, and then again with little colored snaps for the different food choices, and my sister-in-law did the calligraphy. my mom had hand stitched a “brian and nancy” themed piece, which was really pretty! it took her a long to make it, and it sat at the check in table i believe.

6. Menu, Drinks, Dessert, Caterer, Baker, etc. my parents really sort of picked out dinner…i’m not a huge eater, and i don’t like making choices that will affect 150 people, so i let them do that. but i am more than confident in choosing dessert that will please many. brian actually designed the cake! the woman was making terrible sketches…so she went in the back to do something and brian drew it up, i drew little lines to indicate colors and whatever, and was like this is it. i don’t think she was too pleased, but i totally was. my favorite part about that was it sat on a bed of roses. so pretty.

7. Favorite Blogs or Magazines used in planning the wedding i loved martha stewart’s wedding magazine. basically, i love martha stewart. she is awesome, and crafty, i don’t care what anyone says. she is always a huge inspiration for anything (literally). i used “the knot” magazines to easily compare and contrast venues and such.

9. Advice that you’d give to other Brides? i would tell other brides to just relax. and start planning early!! i think that was key for me…though i know not everyone has the luxury of time that i had, it’s still super helpful. and be organized!! remember that everything is your decision…it’s your day. it’s nice that your sister likes that pattern on that dress, but if you hate it, you’re the one paying for those pictures!!

anything else… hmm well i think anything else would be directed to you joel and cara. i can’t believe how unbelievably happy i am with my photos. i’m in love with them, and look through them at least every few days!! they never get old. when i show people they just melt, and can’t believe how beautiful everything was. and your photos make the day look even better than i remember in real life. you guys are AMAZING. and i can’t wait for another reason to hire you on again for more photos. i definitely recommend you to literally every single person who talks about wedding photos & is thinking about getting married. thank you SO MUCH again!!

  • Samaria Says:

    Lovely colors and light =)=) A treat for the eyes.

  • Lisa Says:

    great minds think alike :) guess where we did our group portraits and portraits?

  • Lisa Says:

    almost forgot to mention this such a lovely series!

  • Joel Flory Says:

    isn’t that a great tunnel. Loved it.

  • Joel Flory Says:

    thanks so much.

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