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In the winter of 2007 we took a trip with our dear friends the Evan’s to Patagonia.  Now some of you might be saying, we’ve seen these before! That is true, I posted these on our old blog but I was talking with a client this past week and they were wondering if we had any of our travel pics on our blog and so I thought I would post these to start.  If you would like prints of these you can buy some here to help out Jackson’s Smile and you can get other ones here on my site.  Enjoy the pics.


  • Lisa Says:

    these take my breath away each and every time i see them.

  • jonathan canlas Says:

    these are freaking aaaaaaaaamazing.

  • Joel Flory Says:

    thanks so much Jonathan. It means a lot coming from you as I am a huge fan of your work.

  • Joel Flory Says:

    Thanks Lisa. Cara and I were looking at the pics today and we said we need another adventure pronto!

  • Renee Says:

    Damn! These are AMAZING. I know I am just a designer, but one day I will learn to use my Mark I and hopefully take photos as wonderful as this!

  • Kathryn Says:

    I’m so glad you re-posted these - they’re incredible!!!!

  • Kyle Says:

    Beautiful photos. Torres del Paine is one of my favorite places on Earth. I miss being there.

  • Samuel Lippke Says:

    Wow. Brilliant images. Love the sheep shot & the first B&W mountain shot.
    Great work.

  • The WV Girls Says:

    These are pure heaven!! Brilliant!

  • uberVU - social comments Says:

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  • Jenny J Says:

    just incredible, Joel. really.

  • courtney Says:

    These are wonderful!

  • Josh Gruetzmacher Says:

    The sky is awesome in every photo! What a cool place. You got a lot of good views of the Torres too, which can easily covered by the clouds. Thanks for sharing :)

  • michael rowley Says:

    Joel, I need this in my life. Don’t know how I missed this post.

  • Stormie Leoni Says:

    I love these! I traveled all over Patagonia and recognizing these places makes me feel so grateful for my travels. What a beautiful place!

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