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Not having met this New York couple before the actual wedding day, I had no idea what to expect- but they could not have been more wonderful! After only spending 5 minutes with Laura and Charles, anyone could see that they have something truly special. I loved seeing her nose wrinkle when he made her laugh and hearing how he reminded her of how beautiful she is every 10 minutes. Thanks to their lovely wedding, I fell in love with their unique venue, Barndiva, with the town of Healdsburg, and with this fun pair.


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Hello there! My name is Kelly Boitano and I am a freelance wedding and portrait photographer and now, I am very excited to say, the newest addition to Flory Photo! I first started flirting with photography during the summer of my 6th grade year with my first disposable camera in hand but it wasn’t until after high school that I really fell in love with the whole process, developing my first roll of film in the dark room. From that point on, I was hooked! I decided to continue my education and attended Hallmark Institute of Photography where I learned a lot about how to take pictures, and even more about why I take them:

I take pictures because I appreciate the small details in life and strive to capture one’s spirit, uniqueness and gesture. I take pictures because I love life, people and romance. I take pictures because I love the responsibility of capturing moments for my clients. I love people in love and am passionate about documenting a couple’s precious story.

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